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    About Me

    Warm Greetings, I am Kamilah. You have made a big step to listen to yourself and courageously seek help—the first step toward change. If you’re suffering from life’s many challenges I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and help you in transformative work. I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with over 12 years of experience, and I am passionate about the healing process. I work with clients from young childhood through adulthood who are experiencing depression, anxiety, impacts of daily stress, ADHD, trauma, grief, loss, life transition, racial and cultural identity, life stressors or adjustments, PTSD, self-esteem or relationship issues, school or academic pressure or stress, learning disabilities, family conflict, parenting stress, or postpartum issues.

    I can offer coping skills, anger management, behavior management, parent coaching, and postpartum support. My approach uses various areas of theory and practice with a focus on consciousness and awareness. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, I draw from a range of clinical modalities and use a holistic and eclectic approach to empowerment that is tailored strategically and uniquely for you.

    “My wellness is my community wellness”

    In all my work, I allow clients to be transparent and vulnerable as I encouragingly guide them through insight, mentorship, and coaching. In my past work as a Dean of Students and a certified school social worker, my preventative work, and my current focus on children and families, I have learned the importance of understanding all components impacting my client to help them through a self-healing process. I have experience enhancing children’s and caregivers’ abilities to function successfully as part of a family and community and supporting clients in achieving a safe family unit where the wellbeing of every member is ensured. I have also worked with children inside and outside of the classroom providing them with executive functioning skills and self-regulation so they can work in all environments. I strive to help caregivers by giving them the ability to support their child and to help improve the child’s ability to gain skills to be successful in the home. I aim to provide parents and caregivers the confidence and tools to best support their children.

    No matter your situation, transformative work starts by acknowledging emotional pain impacting your life and admitting a need for change. Healing is part of the personal transformation process. I aim to build a safe relationship where we can deeply process the presenting problem together to gain a better understanding and ultimately manifest positive growth. This connection will allow me to provide insight into our unique, collaborative therapeutic approach. I provide a safe space to comfortably explore thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs by acknowledging, accepting, and acting together using a strength-based foundation. On this journey, I will support and guide you toward functioning successfully. I offer and assist with psychological education to address specific issues that disrupt or jeopardize successful outcomes, always listening without judgment. I strive to help heal minds and souls, inspire growth, and build resilience, aware that individual wellness leads to community wellness.

    Allow me to inspire your growth and help you maintain motivation as we remain solution-focused. Prepare for healing and strengthening through our reflections to lead to your blossoming. We will focus on the present moment, acknowledge and accept feelings, and work to understand thoughts and your environment and how they impact the healing process. We will invest in your individual healing, so you can invest back into your community and be a symbol of change. Therapy helps. In this powerful process, we will combine our expertise to best help you. I look forward to working together.

    My Mission, Vision, & Purpose

    Valuing the whole person and their uniqueness, promote skill-building, set goals provide inspiration, and offer opportunities to nurture themselves and their communities. I support the growth of individuals, children adults and families on a personal level through intrinsic motivation and empowerment. I provide you tools so you are empowered. Through a strength based holistic approach, communities will be strengthened and empowered one individual at a time.

    Helping families and communities to rebuild and gain strength. Healing Repairing and rebuilding can be turned into power and strength when given the skills and opportunities. Valuing the whole person and their uniqueness, to promote skill building, set goals provide inspiration and offer opportunities to nurture yourself and your communities.

    Support the growth of individuals, children, adults, and families on a personal level through intrinsic motivation and empowerment. To give tools so they are empowered. Through a strength-based holistic approach, communities will be strengthened and empowered.Valuing the whole person and their uniqueness, to promote skill building, set goals provide inspiration and offer opportunities to nurture themselves and their communities.

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